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Is Cuba THAT MUCH WORSE Than Iraq?


The US is, most hospitably, going to be accepting 7,000 Iraqi refugees this year, according to CNN.  While that is an admirable goal, fewer than 500 have so far been accepted.    But this begs the question:  Why is this number still less than half the 20,000 authorized under the Special Cuban Migration Program, and substantially less than the 12.500 Cubans that enter the US every year?  Granted, Cuba is a repressive regime, but given that Castro has killed (verifiably, anyway) in his nearly 50 years in power fewer people than are documented as having been violently killed since the invasion of Iraq. perhaps we could give the Iraqis at least the same chance to escape the violence WE created as we give Cubans a chance to escape violence caused by our enemies, particularly for those Iraqis whose status as religious minorities puts them at special risk

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