A Gathering of Chicken Hawks


{mosimage} When your nation is at war and you believe in the conflict with all your heart, there's only one responsible thing a patriot can do: go harass anti-war protesters and blog indignantly about the experience. That sensible position is the one being offered by Michelle Malkin, who is promoting a so-called "Gathering of Eagles " to counter an anti-war protest in Washington, D.C., in two weeks. The group means business, as Malkin approvingly quotes:

"We are a non-violent, non-confrontational group. We look to defend, not attack. Our focus is guarding our memorials and their grounds," they explain.
"We believe in and would give our lives for the precious freedoms found in our Constitution.

And to demonstrate that commitment they are boldly defending America by booking rooms for  $69/night at the Alexandria Comfort Inn during a likely spring surge by the Taliban in Afghanistan and insurgents in Iraq. Typing tough and dressing up in American flag gear (definitely worth a look ), these patriots will no doubt strike fear in the hearts of our enemies everywhere, and bring a swift end to the war. At a minimum, they will be a huge boon for the Northern Virginia area Army-Navy surplus stores and Wal-Marts.

It's easy to mock these people, and they deserve it, but the ideology they express is more than a joke: it's a reflection of an angry, right-wing radio addled, anti-democratic movement that has embedded itself in mainstream conservative thinking in this country. For all the efforts to depict liberals as out of touch extremists, would rhetoric like this have a place in credible progressive circles?:

Regarding the possibility of violence, it is likely only if it is used by the pro-terrorists and their anarchist brethren. But I would caution those prone to violence to think twice before attacking a solid mass of people who are the all-time masters at improvisational combat. The media can rewrite history all it wants, but we have defeated every enemy we ever faced, regardless of how vicious the tactics they used.

We have improvised, we have adapted and we have overcome every single time. I wouldn't recommend violence against this group, especially from people who are attempting to shield their true pro-terrorism agenda from the public by claiming to be marching for "peace."

That's not the language of discourse,  nor even of modern American politics; it's the voice of fascism, and it's being endorsed by a mainstream conservative commentator. Where's the outrage? Given the demonstrated terror threat posed by American pseudo-militias , one would expect more concern about this kind of language from the nation's self-appointed terror warriors on the right. Why don't they condemn this language? Because peace is true enemy of these people, who cover their cowardice with tough words and empty promises, and truly wear their patriotism on their sleeves, all for $7.99.

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