Two Nobel Prize Winners to Try Their Hands at Politics

I don't know what exactly, if anything, this is indicative of, but it is interesting.  Two very interesting Nobel Prize winners are getting involved in politics in Guatemala and Bangladesh. 

 First off, last year's Nobel Prize winner,  Muhammad Yunus, has announced that he will be forming a political party in that nation, in hopes providing an option besides the two powerufl, and largley corrupt, parties that are currently the main parties in Bangladesh.  Yunus made his name with micro-finance, making very small loans to people for whom a little money could be enough to vastly increase their quality of life, and increase their income enough to pay back the loan.  The Grameen bank he founded is now widely recognized, and widely cited as an example of socially responsible entrepreneurship. 

Then 1992 Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu announced that she is running for the Guatemalan Presidency. She recieved the prize for her work with indingenous peoples and in exposing abuses committed during her nation's civil war.  She would be part of what seems like an Indian political trend in Latin America, following Evo Morales in leading poor and under-represented indigenous populations in Latin America. 

I can't decide if this gives me hope, or makes me jealous. Either way, hopefully the political activism of these figures will have an effect, even if they don't win elections, simply by giving them a platform.  Any Nobel Prize winners want to jump on board for the 2008 nomination? 


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