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Corey Stapleton: Tool

Senate  Minority Leader Corey Stapleton  doesn't really like blogs :

Stapleton said he was frustrated by the media attention, especially from bloggers, whom he calls the "angry, unaccountable, anonymous media."
Criticism by liberal blogs does more harm to a citizen legislature like Montana's, Stapleton says, than to professional politicians. "It dissuades average, moral people from wanting to get involved."

Mr. Stapleton has definitely hit on the Jeffersonian ideal of free speech with his observations. I know this country would be much better off today if those crazed pamphleteers like Thomas Paine and the authors of the Federalist papers had ceased their criticism of the governmment. I'm no Madison or Paine, but it's not as if Mr. Stapleton cuts the same figure as Patrick Henry, either.

The First Amendment definitely should insulate our political leaders from criticism–after all, how dare citizens question the "citizen legislature ? The next thing you know, they are going to demand the right to testify about bills, write letters to the editor, and have opinions that are entirely their own.

I'm angry? I'm unaccountable? Even if you're right, Corey, at least I'm not a close-minded bigot . If you don't want people to criticize you, maybe you should stop saying such unbelievably stupid and insensitive things.

P.S. Most people consider racism immoral. Just sayin'. 

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