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Lindeen Announces Intention to Run for Auditor; Election in 22 Months


Monica Lindeen has announced her intention to run for State Auditor, forcing many people to ask, "huh?"  While I have no complaint about her decision to run, it seems a bit premature to announce for a relatively minor race months before most candidates would even consider announcing. I can't even think of any good reasons to annouce this early, but a few crossed my mind:

  1. She had to make a decision on renewing the lease for the big green bus.
  2. She hired Dennis Rehberg's calendar person–and he's not very good .
  3. The next opening on the Huntley school board was in 2007, and she didn't think 10 months would be enough time to get ready for the campaign.
  4. She thought it was unseemly to annouce for governor in 2012 this early.

Don't get me wrong; Lindeen is likely to be a much better choice than the person selected by the Republican Party, but this entry so early is a bit unseemly, and suggests she is trying to use the clout she acquire from the House race to bully other candidates from running.

Run, Monica, run…just run at a more appropriate time. 

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