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An Amusing Story About Education


There was a story in the Billings Gazette last Friday that was not most interesting for its content, but for the response of the Gazette's readers. The story discussed a now-scrapped plan to increase base pay of the teachers in the district.

Just as vermin will invariably enter a dirty home, the typical critics of education, with their delightful spelling and syntax, emerged, decrying the excessive pay of teachers. For example,  one critic was scandalized that a starting teacher might take home $15.38 an hour, and another

At 8:07 a.m., though, the teachers started to respond:

I know for a fact that I put in well above 40 hours a week. It may not be in the classroom, but corrections and lesson planning done at home is just the same amount of work. 

This is not a 9-5 job, and anyone who thinks it is doesn't get up to a 5:30 alarm or attend school board meetings until 10:00 at night.

Just a thought, folks. If you want to convince someone that teachers work hard, maybe you shouldn't be posting political comments on a newspaper during the work day. 


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