Don’t you get it? Global warming IS science…

I know I shouldn’t do it…every time I go to a story linked on Drudge I get really, really annoyed.


I am up past my bedtime and I am surfing news pages and happen to end up on Drudge.  The current outrage?  The Weather Channel is turning political!!!

Among the links is this one to ultra-balanced “WorldNetDaily” about the slow drift of the once-respected Weather Channel to a cog in the vast liberal media conspiracy.  “Melanie Morgan” (that’s a fake name, right?) writes:

The Weather Channel is now engaged in a con job on the American people, attempting to scare the public that their actions are destroying the planet by creating a global warming crisis.
The move away from scientific forecasting of the weather to sensationalized leftist political advocacy is in part due to the influence of Wonya Lucas, executive vice president and general manager of The Weather Channel Networks.


The best part is the juxtaposition of global warming as being different than “scientific.”  Newsflash: global warming?  There is little doubt of its existence to scientists.

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  • The best part of the article linked on Drudge for me was the fact that the blogger linked on the Senate’s web page didn’t know one TV weatherman who agreed with man-made global warming.

    Must be true, then.

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