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The GOP: In Touch with American Workers and Families

  • In the debate about raising the minimum wage, Republican Jack Kingston, who decried the bitter damage that would be done to his family if he were forced to work a full week, argued that people living in poverty have an easy answer? Work more.
  • Laurel Republican Dan McGee wants to repeal the two month old ban on immediately becoming a lobbyist after serving in government that was supported overwhelmingly by Montana voters.
  • Missouri’s own Conrad Burns moved immediately from the Senate to the other side of the trough taking a lobbying job with his old partner in crime, Leo Giacometto.
  • The President’s tax cuts benefit the (gasp!) very wealthy.
  • The GOP’s news channel calls a longterm member of the Senate a hostile enemy “here on the home front.”
  • Even the members of the military, long politicized by the right, no longer self-identify as Republicans.
  • Meanwhile, we are pressing on with an insane escalation in Iraq while 61% of the public opposes it.

Maybe it’s time the left stops ceding ground to the conservatives as the voice of Middle America. Our values are a lot closer to the values of average Americans on every critical issue.

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  • Although I would never attempt a debate with those here at ID (nice job BTW!), a few comments that come to mind after reading the post..

    Arguing and overturning “popular” or “citizen’s” ballot initiatives from “both sides of the aisle” is, of course, not new. But with the current heat on the MT GOP in this 2007 session, you would think they might learn how not to fan the flames as they are in this current volatile environment. Nationally, they are not alone in their fanning.

    I do, however, respect and admire our country in that we have the ability to challenge these initiatives, whoever and whatever the process (let alone actually bring an initiative to the “people”{ask Tibet}). It should be extremely difficult to overturn these I believe. Finger pointing on who is actually ‘challenging’ is pretty easy and finding both “sides” doing this type of stuff isn’t difficult. After a brief read of SB 86 and SB 87, they are quite different from each other which I didn’t see highlighted in my local paper.

    On another note…
    “Maybe it’s time the left stops ceding ground to the conservatives as the voice of Middle America. Our values are a lot closer to the values of average Americans on every critical issue.”

    If the web sites inside your links indicate your major sources of incite on values of critical issues, I respectfully disagree with your last statement.


  • James:

    Sorry for the slow approval of your comment. I was off at another debate tournament, and had no access to the blog.

    I can definitely agree that McGee has the right to challenge this law, and in a sense, I admire him for doing what he thinks is right. I can’t say, however, that I have seen similar defenses of free speech from Senator Mcgee, so this choice is certainly interesting.

    As to the broader claim of values of liberals/conservatives, that would be an interesting debate. Politics aside, it certainly seems that your party has positioned itself with the cultural and economic far right, and have lost the claim of representing mainstream values. On abortion, stem cells, the war, the minimum wage, just to mention a few issues, the liberal/Democrat position seems much more closely aligned with the American middle.

    I’d certainly welcome a discussion on that point.

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