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Oh yeah, that liberal media

Our esteemed blogging colleagues at “oh, that liberal media” have called out the Seattle Times for Liberal Bias , for the following statement-

“He will remember the day in 1987 when he returned from caring for his family’s cattle to find his Sudanese village torched and pillaged, victim of a decadeslong civil war. There were no signs of life and nothing left of his family’s village but smoking ruins.”

The problem? They failed to mention that the attackers were Muslim. Obviously, not pointing out every crime comitted by Muslims is a liberal behavior. It’s not as if Republicans funded Islamist movement throughout the world as the antidote to communism, or that they critisize Clinton for not making a deal with SUDAN (which as we’ll recall is responsible for Darfur) to get bin Laden by giving tacit approval Sudan’s human rights violations.

Nor is it as if the genocide in Darfur is being carried out by Caucasians killing blacks, whereas whenever Caucasians are threatened we step in to do something. (You’ll note the Seattle Times also failed to point that out). Nor is it as if a man who has killed more people than Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Quaeda combined (namely, Joseph Kony ), simply because he kills black people. The argument would also mean nothing in the unlikely event that there are in fact Christian terrorists attacking non-Christians in India who are never reported on.

Fortunately, none of these are the case and the point stands-Liberals are the only ones who support Millitant Islam, and race still plays no part in the media’s perception of tragedy or urgency.

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  • Gad, you multiculturalists make me sick.

    You’ve forgotten the very basic principles the Founding Fathers created this country on:

    1. Santa Clause
    2. Guns
    3. Jesus (The white version, of course)
    4. States rights if and only if they benefit me.
    5. The bible (mostly the parts that mention abortion and stem cell research.)

    You guys can start accepting other cultures as soon as we take care of making these principles the central foundation of our government. Until then, they are our enemies, and deserve no more consideration than that.

  • I like how only 3 (arguably only 1) of those things exist, numbers one and five bein patently ridiculous. Our country would seem to be based on a relatively weak foundation.

  • Wolf, you are off when you say:

    I like how only 3 (arguably only 1) of those things exist, numbers one and five bein patently ridiculous.

    2. Guns exist. I have one, so I know them to be a true and real thing.
    5. The bible exists. I have one of them too. I also have a copy of Yertle the Turtle.

    So, arguably 2 exist. If I had to wage on which was the next most likely to exist, I’ld say Santa.

  • When I implied the bible doesn’t exist, I was actually referring to the parts of the Bible that mention abortion and stem cell research. The Bible obviously does exist, but that part of it that our country is based on, the abortion and stem cell parts, don’t.

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