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Israeli Decency Betrays Them

As you may well of heard, Palestinians have resorted to using human shields to deter Israeli millitary strikes. I don’t know the official international consensus on this, but the BBC had this to say –

“Palestinians can unite in confronting their enemy and the passive resistance of the human shields will be admired from around the world. ”


This should be condemned in the strongest terms. The only reason that this is even an issue is because Israel calls ahead of time to allow Palestinians to evacuate before airstrikes, so the strikes destroy only objects, not lives. Palestinians have cynically twisted this to prevent the destruction of weapons caches and millitant meeting areas. The BBC went so far as to call it “David and Goliath” (particularly ironic, considering David was a Jew, and Goliath came from the region around where Gaza is today). More like Achilles’ heel, with Israel’s heel being some shred of decency. (I can guarantee you that if Hamas could, they would deliberately target bunches of Israeli civilians akin to the ones they are using to deter airstrikes.) Of course Israel has done indecent things in the past, but their refusal to bomb people who are knowlingly putting themselves in harms way while Israeli civilians just living life are getting hit by rockets puts them a step above Hamas. Israel is the real ‘hero’ in this situation, not Hamas.

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  • From Ha’aretz

    “What a long way we have come since the time when we took pride in the fact that, unlike the Arabs, we tried not to kill innocent civilians. And now we have arrived at the shocking reality of the second Lebanon war. For example, the number of people Israel killed is not only almost 10 times higher than the number of people Hezbollah killed, but the number of soldiers Hezbollah killed is three times higher than the number of Israeli civilians they killed, while the number of Lebanese civilians killed by Israel is about three times the number of Hezbollah fighters. So whose arms are purer?”

    Neither side is being “decent”.

  • Imagine that – in a war that took place with Israeli soldiers in Lebanon, more Lebanese civilians and Israeli soldiers died than vice versa. If Israel had the same scruples as Hamas (or Hezbollah, for that matter), there would be a pile of dead civilians where right now there is a human shield. Tell me that Hamas would not bomb that if they could? And yet Israel doesn’t. Granted, they are certainly not ‘pure’. But in this showdown, they are being much more decent than Hamas, and yet Hamas is getting the praise, at least from the BBC.

  • I doubt “refusal to bomb people who are knowlingly putting themselves in harms way” was the way Israel did things when you wrote this but it certainly hasn’t been the case lately. Israel kills 200 Palestinian men, women, and children for every Israeli killed. If you look at the evidence as I’ve presented here: it becomes painfully evident that Israel is just another terrorist organization. Netanyahu’s stated purpose is to make Palestinians sorry they should ever rebel against their oppressive, apartheid government.

  • Kirby – I wrote this a long time ago; part of the apparent dissonance is perhaps due to naivete on my part but I think a much larger part has to do with what is a real increase in radicalization of the Israeli defense apparatus since this was written. Mind you – even in the war in Gaza, the ratio of militants to civilians killed indicates that Israel was taking steps to avoid civilian casualties, which is still more than Hamas has done – nonetheless, the progression from Barak to Sharon to Netanyahu has seen them slide further and further out of the widely accepted rules of warfare. Most fundamentally, their refusal to treat Palestinians either as citizens or as an independent country will mean they are forever in this situation.

    • I am hopeful, since you are apparently writing again at ID again, that you can enlighten readers of this esteemed blog with your unique insight into the developments in Ukraine.

  • I try only the write about what I actually know – the majority of the story in Ukraine is so far below the surface that anything I wrote would be idle (and irresponsible) speculation. I don’t know anyone in the Donbas; my friends in Kharkiv area are safe and it seems the government is largely accepted there, despite the language difference. I imagine what you’re referring to, however, is ‘underground’ part of the war, assassinations and the like. That is certainly significant but impossible to make an educated hypothesis about, so I won’t.

      • The certainty with which you drop opinions on subjects like this makes debate awfully unproductive, I think. Given that you have staked out this position, what could Wolf possibly say that would lead to productive dialogue.

        A little less certainty about complex subjects would go a long way for a lot of us, I think.

        • “I” haven’t staked out anything. “I” have cited what the evidence shows, and that is US complicity in the overthrow of the Ukrainian leadership. it’s “unproductive” to ignore what the evidence shows. why can’t PW respond himself, are you his errand boy, running interference? pathetic.

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