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What Should Have Been Done Long Ago-

If the nation really is ready to pull out of Iraq, at least partially, then it will be time to do something we should have done long ago – win the war in Afghanistan. NATO is doing by most accounts, a generally good job given the resources allocated to them. However, NATO is fighting our war, even if they are fighting it relatively better than we are fighting our other war. Sure, mutual defense and we were attacked, but it’s a lot to ask that NATO should cover us while we go into totally different conflicts. So it’s about time we helped out. According to the BBC, NATO has relatively modest demands, asking for a further 2,500 troops. The United States currently has nearly 150,000 troops in Iraq. As we begin withdrawing out troops in the area, we should ensure that enough of them end up in Afghanistan to re-defeat the Taliban there. There are several reasons why this is important:

1) We owe it to Afghanistan. We armed Islamic millitants, only to disarm them, plunging the country into chaos. It’s time to pay up.

2) NATO’s continued relevance as an international body is hanging on this mission; if it fails, it will be a useless alliance. If it succeeds, it could become a valuable international force.

3) It would certainly make our allies feel better if we were there to back them up when they fight our battles for us.

America is understandably tired of war and fighting. However, NATO officers in Afghanistan have predicted that if they had a stronger force to work with, they would suffer fewer casualties there, which means our own troops will be in less danger and, moreover, Europeans will be more supportive of the mission as they suffer fewer casualties. If Democrats want to improve our image in the world, this would be the first way to do that.

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