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Thoughts About the Rumsfeld Resignation

1. Sweet Jesus, it’s about time.

2. His supporters on the right are unhinged. Consider Hugh Hewitt today:

The highest compliment that can be paid the departing Secretary is that our enemies –our real, honest-to-goodness enemies– must be jubilant that he is leaving.  Rumsfeld did not hesitate to order the professionals under his command to pursue, capture, or kill these killers. As a result, the enemy, far more than most Americans, they know just how capable a foe Rumsfeld has been.

That’s an interesting interpretation of reality. Rumsfeld was absolutely willing to order our troops to pursue and kill the enemy; unfortunately, he was also absolutely unwilling to listen to the professionals in the military who said that we needed more troops to succeed in Iraq, unwilling to adapt his strategy in a war we are losing, and most importantly, unwilling to do the right thing, and protect American soldiers in this war and the future. His willingness to cast aside the Geneva Convention, strictures against torture, and the rules of war will make current and future conflicts more dangerous for the brave men and women who serve in our military.

Rumsfeld failed: he failed to capture bin Laden, he failed to prosecute the war effectively, and most importantly, he failed the troops he led.


3. President Bush is a liar. If he knew last week that Rumsfeld was leaving, wasn’t it a lie to tell reporters who asked him, that he was staying? Bush’s answer–that he didn’t want to inject that issue into a political campaign is laughable.

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