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Good news and not-as-good news…other Montana races…

I am still glowing about the election results, and certainly we have much to celebrate, but as we dig through races that aren’t on CNN, there is some interesting developments that aren’t as positive for progressives.

Good news: Ken Toole appears to be heading towards the PSC over Mike Taylor. The margin was really thin (around 50 votes) but it is impressive win for Ken considering the makeup of that PSC district. I know Ken and he is a passionate advocate for energy reform. Plus, we can avoid Mike Taylor in public office which is an incredible plus.

Bad news: Democrats lost the Montana senate to a tie and lost the house but a vote or two. From the National Council of State Legislatures:

Senate: 25 Democrats, 25 Republicans
House: 49 Democrats, 50 Republicans, 1 Constitution Party

I heard some rumbling today that politics might make some changes in the Senate, but nothing firm enough to report.

I am interested to watch the Legislature this year as I wonder how the slightly-more-powerful Republicans will handle Governor Schweitzer and how Governor Schweitzer will handle the less-than-mature Legislative Republicans.

One really sad note: House District 77 featured Sheila Hogan vs. right winger Scott Mendenhall. Sheila ran a positive campaign although she had plenty of fodder to go after Mendenhall. When the counts were complete, she was down just a handful of votes.

Stay tuned…

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  • “I heard some rumbling today that politics might make some changes in the Senate, but nothing firm enough to report.”

    What does this mean? I don’t know if I understand the sentence.

  • In my attempt to word that carefully I made no sense. 🙂

    I heard some rumors today that something might be in the works to break the tie. Just rumors though, not enough to report…

  • I really hope that you are correct about the Toole race, and I heard a rumor about more than enough undervotes to bring a really close house race with a rabid right winger to our side.

    I don’t know much of anything for certain, only that I really don’t relish the idea of raking my local R’s over the coals to make them cooperate with the Governor for the sake of the good citizens of this state.

  • If the tie is broken because of the “political workings,” I’ll be mighty angry. It would make a certain politician a big fat hypocrite.

  • I am outside of Ms. Hogans district, but i wish i could have voted for her. I saw the brilliant way she expanded Career Training Institute. She is very good with people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and loves Montana. She is not a bigot, but can talk with those who are undereducated where diversity is concerned. I really hope she knocks Mendenhall out of the park.

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