Montana Politics

Predictions for Tomorrow


National Races

House of Representatives: 230 Democrats, 205 GOP

The Senate:

  • CT: Lieberman defeats LaMont, 48-44
  • MD: Cardin defeats Steele, 52-47
  • MO: McCaskill defeats Talent, 50-48
  • NJ: Menendez defeats Keane, 55-44
  • OH: Brown defeats DeWine, 54-45
  • VA: Webb defeats Allen, 52-48
  • PA: Casey defeats Santorum, 58-40
  • RI: Chafee defeats Whitehouse, 50-49
  • TN: Corker defeats Ford, 53-47
  • MT: Not going to jinx anything here, but 52-46 sounds about right to me.

Yes, these are probably wildly optimistic, as well as awfully specific predictions, but I have to believe two things: 1) It’s our turn to win some close races, and 2) Americans want their government and their country back.

 The House

I think Democrats will pick up seats in Wyoming and Idaho, as well.

Montana Legislature and Initiatives

Senate: 26 Republicans, 24 Democrats

House: 52 Democrats, 47 Republicans, 1 Constitution

Minimum Wage: Will pass handily

Lobbying Reform: Will pass, with a huge margin

Auditor/Insurance: Will fail (something has to)

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  • Pogie… your Senate predictions match my Senate predictions in terms of who will win and lose. I think that means we should be friends. Happy Election Day!

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