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It is the company you keep, part 1,326

I am sure that right wingers are are wringing their hands right now over the Tester endorsement sweep. For those lacking reflection, I am certain it will confirm their insistence that there is a liberal slant in the Montana media. Some came as a shock even to me. Based on what the IR has been crafting endorsements this year (especially their “we love the status quo” endorsement of *every* local incumbent for the legislature, including a couple that deserve at least some scrutiny), I was assuming that Burns would get the nod.

News is happening elsewhere and the media is just flatly refusing to dig into how newsmakers are connected to our leaders. Case in point: Ted Haggard. I really don’t care about the tabloid aspect of the story but here is an individual that has been labeled as a key player in Bush’s conservative coalition that has apparently violated a number of laws while smugly preaching that voters should vote for candidates he supports due to their “values.” When this story first broke, I found it interesting that Bush’s relationship was effectively downplayed by the press. My observation was confirmed by Media Matters:

Although Rev. Ted Haggard was the pastor of a 14,000-member church and president of “the largest evangelical group in America,” as well as a regular member of weekly conference calls with the Bush administration, National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson, Slate’s John Dickerson, and Time’s Ana Marie Cox all downplayed the political impact of recent allegations that he solicited sex and drugs from a male prostitute.

NPR? Slate? Time? Aren’t those major players in the liberal media cadre? Liberal media? Ugh. What a tired, sad argument.

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  • Uhhgg. Hipocracy. I don’t know how to respond to this issue Jason, So I have been silent.

    My main problem is that I might have become jaded towards those claiming a moral superiority. Take Rush and his pills. Take Foley and his child expoitation bills. Take the myriad of ‘preachers’ and men of God and their various scandlous afairs amd trists.

    I disgusts me and I find myself, well hating them. First, they tell others that they are somehow less than human because of who they are. Second, they take their followers down the wrong path. Third, they take the trust of their followers and throw it out the window. What is not to hate.

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