Debate, Round 7 Coverage


We’ll be watching and analyzing the last Senate tonight, and making video available if it’s not taken care of elsewhere.

Pre-debate odds:

  • Burns finally brings a crowd (Bused, at the campaign’s expense, but there) 3:1
  • Burns reveals that the secret plan is to send President Bush to Iraq in one of those…uh…helichoppers…to kill Osama bin Laden 4:1
  • Burns so badly mangles subject-verb agreement that a CMR English teachers walks down to the podium and assaults him. 25:1
  • Burns will say of Jon Tester (probably an exact quote), “He wants to shut down Malmstrom.” 1:1
  • Burns spends 2/3 of the debate talking about federal dollars ‘he has brought to Great Falls and Malmstrom,’ even though many of the claims will be lies. 1:7
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