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Conrad’s Officially Losing It: A Secret Plan To Win the War!


Senator Burns may finally have crossed the line from a lovable idiot to a full-blown conspiracy theorist. Pressed to reconcile his belief that the war in Iraq is going well and his new position that we need to make changes to win the war, Burns offered this defense:

“He says our president don’t have a plan. I think he’s got one. He’s not going to tell everyone in the world…We’re not going to tell you what our plan is, Jon, because you’re just going to go out and blow it.”

Let’s ignore the the fact that a U.S. senator says “don’t have a plan.” Let’s ignore the fact that Burns can’t seem to understand pronouns…is it the President’s plan, a top secret GOP-plan that Burns knows, or something he hopes to be true? Let’s ignore the fact that someone running ads criticizing his opponent for negative campaigning basically suggested that Jon Tester would call his friends in the Iraqi insurgency to reveal our secret plan for winning the war.

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that Conrad Burns wants to be re-elected, in part, because, nearly four years after the start of the Iraq War, he supports a secret plan to win a war that Republicans originally claimed would last a few weeks or months. That’s right–after lies leading to the war, years of shifting justifications for its continuation, and the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis, Senator Burns thinks we are ignorant enough to believe this lie.

Let’s show him we’re not.

In the past week, Burns has imagined a plan for Iraq, called for the use of nuclear weapons, and continued a campaign based on lies. I’m past calling for Senator Burns to lose this race because he is an embarrassment; he should be replaced because he is a dangerous, ill-informed, rubber-stamping idiot.

Montana deserves better…don’t she? 

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