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The Montana Standard’s High Standards for Journalistic Excellence Continue

A week after the tired, ugly piece by a political hack attacking Jon Tester for his position on the Patriot Act, the Montana Standard is back in action, with an endorsement op-ed, from someone (Cindy Perdue-Dolan) who was taking her paycheck from Burns just over a year ago. What, his wife was too distracted by the lack of champagne in first class to write the piece?

The piece reads like a bizarre combination of romance novel, religious tract, and failed exercise in satire. I lost count at 20 or so exclamationpoints, but this is one excited Burns supporter. Consider this:

Spending 10 years in one job is not customary. But, even on Capitol Hill, it was if you happened to work for Burns. Other senators would ask Conrad, “Why is your staff so loyal?” Well, I knew why and the answer was easy. Burns is an honest, caring, and dedicated human being.

Or, maybe it was because his office was a revolving door back and forth between government and lucrative lobbyist jobs.

Burns puts God first and is humbled in His service. His parents gave him a moral compass and instilled in him a compassion for those less fortunate.

I’m pretty sure Jesus might not like the comparison. Burns’s concern for the less fortunate doesn’t extend to children subjected to pesticides, or working class families trying to pay for college, but, in the image of Christ, he does humbly favor Exxon.

I want to share the truth about this man to whom I devoted one-quarter of my working life. No mud-slinging, no soundbites, just my view from behind the desk in Burns’ Butte office…If not, we’ll end up with left-wing liberal senator with a closet-size office in the Capitol basement.

Hmm…must have forgotten about the whole “no mud-slinging, soundbite thing. Well, it was a whole half of a page before she slipped.

Okay, Gerry, we get the point. The Montana Standard is a joke. You have no credibility. We get it. Please stop making it so absurd that people won’t even believe how you’re described. I wrote a few weeks ago that it wasn’t too late for you to start acting like a journalist.

I was wrong.

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  • I am somewhat surprised that anyone would consider the Standard anything other than a hack newspaper. Look at the front page publicity peice they did for Rehberg this morning. One would think they were trying to make Rehberg out to be a modern Lincoln “with his humble beginnings in a one bedroom log cabin…”. This is definitely a partisan paper with it’s finger in the Republican pot…


  • That piece on Rehberg was a big sloppy kiss from the newspaper. They’re constructing a life narrative for him that’s meant to make him seem, as Moorcat suggests, Lincolnesque.

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