Tester-Burns Helena Debate Roundup

I don’t see any other blog coverage yet, so I will just post what I have found out the big, bad tubenet so far.

  • The Helena IR, host of the debate, has posted a video of the debate.  They have broke it down by question, which I think is a great way to do it.
  • Yellowstone Public Radio will likely have an audio download at some point.  They have been very good about posting full-length audio files of their political coverage.  I wish, though, they would consider podcasting.  I do wonder when Montana Public Radio will catch up with YPR on their Internet services.  🙂
  • I don’t see any coverage in the Montana media yet, but there is a low-detail wire story that appears in places like here.
  • Our coverage of the debate is here (commentary about the “say something nice” question) and here (the live blogging).
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  • Chuck Johnson gave a little analyasis via phone on cspan last night. It was pretty weak. All he told people was that the canidates were pretty different. Go montana media go

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