The Earth’s Almost Young Enough for Mark Foley To Hit On

The dimmest corner of the Montana blogosphere is aflutter today because Governor Schweitzer suggested that someone might be the most qualified member of the legislature if he believed that the Earth was less than one million years old. Representative Roger Koopman, from Bozeman, felt that the Governor was bigoted for having said that he needs support from people looking forward, “not people who think the Earth is 4,000 years old.”

The spin and hand-wringing from the right is amusing. Because Schweitzer thinks that science should probably trump ill-founded belief in magic, he “Does Not Believe in Religious or Philosophical Freedom.” This is a common misunderstanding among idiots. While freedom of speech does guarantee everyone to speak his or her mind, it does not provide immunity from gale-force peals of laughter at one’s ignorance.

The First Amendment is a tricky thing. Here’s a primer for my friends on the right:

1) You can speak your mind.

2) People can (and often will, if you are embarrassingly wrong) laugh at you.

3) Deal with it.

Koopman also said his belief in the Earth’s age is not based on his faith, but on “his scientific investigations.” No word on whether Koopman’s investigations have proven that the sun is the center of the universe.

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