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Boy, I sure hope What’s Right is around when Montana’s Max runs again…

I love the representative of the right on Montana’s blogosphere.

Wow. WOW. WOW!

Don alraedy comment on What’s Right’s sweet analysis on Schweitzer, however, if you go a little further down the page, you get a some more sweet spin.

This time, they are focusing on this article on on the Congressional POWER rankings. I find it very interesting that they use this as proof that we should send Connie back to the Senate.

A couple of notes:

1. I sure hope they are making the same argument when Baucus is running for reelection. He doesn’t have his hands in dirty money and his POWER ranking is higher than Connie’s. This is more interesting in light of the fact that the Democrats are currently in the minority.

2. Considering that all we hear about is Connie bringing home the bacon, should his power ranking be higher? Seriously: He is in the majority. He heads appropriations committees. He apparently spends money like there is no tomorrow. Where is the power ranking? Does that mean if we send him back he will spend even MORE money? I don’t get it.

Nice work, What’s Right.

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