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“What you see is what you get…”


I am sure you have seen the little video that has been going around the TUBES about Montana’s junior senator.  What I find interesting is not the video (I already knew that Burns has a racist, sexist jackass) but the response from Erik Iverson is unbelievable:

“Sure, were there some misstatements?” Iverson asked. “Absolutely. But at the end of the day with Conrad, what you see is what you get. He’s not your typical pre-packaged politician; he’s a real person.”

Is that supposed to be an excuse for his actions?  He is a real person?  Listen Mr. Iverson: in my world, you get to be human (“real”) but you learn from your mistakes.  I find it amazing that this is the absolute best the Montana Republican Party can do.

Are you so frightened of losing control of the Senate that you will stand behind an ignorant moron who has a weakness for corporate money?

Are you so blind to the corruption that you see Burns as a commonplace?


It is this attitude that makes Conrad Burns a shame for our state.  It is this attitude that keeps putting a man back into office that is a joke at dinner parties.

Do I know Jon Tester?  Not really.  No more than I know Conrad Burns, really.  I have met both on a number of informal occasions and I am sure that Burns and Tester wouldn’t know me from any other Montana voter.

But, ignoring all of the other reasons to vote for Tester and against Burns, I know that Tester would put on a much better public face for our state.

What you see is what you get, indeed.

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