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Newsflash: Conrad Burns is a Liar

Senator Burns, unable to run on his own accomplishments, has released yet another misleading, negative attack on Jon Tester.

The radio ad claims that Burns has been a strong consistent supporter of the war on terror, but neglects to mention a few facts:

  • Almost five years after the attacks on September 11, the Republican administration that Mr. Burns supports has failed to capture or kill a diabetic with low blood pressure so debilitated by his disease that he has to lie down for hours at a time, who is in hiding either in a country that is an American ally or a country we ‘defeated’ in 2001. Instead, we (with Burns full support) created a civil war in Iraq.
  • Burns voted against an amendment to provide $360 million more for armored vehicles in Iraq
  • Burns doesn’t support veterans who have given the most, voting in the interests of the Disabled American Veterans only 33% of the time in 2005 and 0% of the time in 2004.
  • Burns was one of 19 Senators who voted to give support amnesty for Iraqi insurgents who kill American troops in Iraq.

Conrad Burns has only two tricks to play in this race: bringing pork projects home and lying about his opponent. His negative, misleading ads have the stench of someone so desperate to cling to power that he’ll do or say anything to keep it. Shouldn’t an 18 year member of the Senate have more class, more self-respect, and more accomplishments?

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  • “…the stench of someone so desperate to cling to power that he’ll do or say anything to keep it.”

    Well written, well said.

  • Remember the old bumper stickers that said”I eat Montana beef, not Johnson boloney.” Well, change that to Burns instead of Johnson. I’m sure it would be a popular item for people to put on their vehicles.

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