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The Incredible Vanishing Davison Story

Maybe it’s just me, but has the Davison story just vanished from the local newspapers before its time? This is a pretty significant story–either from the angle of Davison’s involvement in the Burns campaign, the Billings business community, or his gubenatorial run in 2004, but the story seems to have disappeared. In fact, a search of its web page shows that the IR, for example, devoted as many stories to John Mark Karr as it has to Davison.

It seems like there are some legitimate questions to be asked:

  • Where is Pat Davison? (Cece has some potential answers here)
  • Did he resign from the Burns campaign? Why was there no press release?
  • Why no look into the details provided by George Ochenski in the Independent? Doesn’t that fit a broader pattern?
  • Where is the interview with the investors whose money was taken? Even if they preserved their anonymity, isn’t there a pretty interesting story to be told?
  • How much did Senator Burns know about the allegations–what was the reason given for Davison’s sudden resignation?

Davison is a public figure, and this is an important story. If the rehab story is true, he deserves our sympathy and hope for recovery, but the public certainly has a right to know. If the rehab story isn’t true, certainly some enterprising reporter could be tracking down Mr. Davison for an interview.

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