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A Quick Summary of the Charges Against Davison


Wow. This sure doesn’t look like a registration mistake or an accounting error; this is theft and massive fraud. The Auditor’s Office is charging Davison with defrauding two families of $1.2 million:

  • conducting securities business without proper registration
  • fraudulently claiming to a client that he invested $664,000 into an IRA account that never existed.
  • Beginning in  2003 , the investor received monthly checks of $5,560, until February 2006, when a check came back marked Insufficient Funds. The investor then found out that he had no IRA account in his name at the bank Davison claimed.
  • fraudulently failing to return an investment of $250,000, as promised
  • inventing an investment opportunity called the St. Labre Indian School Trust, and taking $275,000 from a second complainant and spouse

All of this is from two complainants, who contacted the Auditor’s office quite recently. There’s every reason to believe that further investigation will reveal more fraud here.

I’m tempted to draw the connection back to Senator Burns here. After all, I am told that because Jon Tester links to Daily Kos, he is a leftwing radical. What conclusion should I draw from the fact that Conrad Burns seems to draw fraudulent, law-breaking characters like flies to Jason Klindt?

Countdown to claims  that these charges are politically motivated… 10…9…8

Update: Let the spin begin. Klindt is claiming that Davison resigned last month, even though "a search of the campaign’s Web site turns up no press release announcing the departure, and a search of the Nexis database results in no articles mentioning the split."

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