Republicans pushing war or terror again…

In 2004, there was a video released somewhere about the “citizen media” on the Internet comparing the number of times that Osama Bin Laden was mentioned compared to Saddam Hussein at the 2004 Republican Convention.  It was quite telling that almost all of the speakers spent most of their time pushing the war and Iraq and not talking about the general war on terror and the all-but-forgotten war in Afghanistan.

Now two years later, the war is going horribly and Republicans are having problems staying on message.  One minute you get Republicans trashing Democratic candidates by suggesting they are “cutting and running,” the next there is aggressive discussion about a time table.

As you might expect, those folks making decisions in dark, smoked-filled rooms have figured out that Iraq isn’t a good message.  So, according to the Christian Science Monitor, it’s time for a healthy dose of the war on terror again.

The arrests in Britain of the refreshment-bombers mean we’re going to hear about how important it is to keep Republicans around.  Good times.

What I find amusing about this is that two years ago, you couldn’t find anyone in the right that wanted to talk about the war on terror and Iraq as different issues: it was all the same to them.  My guess is that they will finally make a distinction this election cycle.

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