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Fiscal Conservative Denny Rehberg Campaigns on Your Dime

New West Missolua has the story about the mailings you have likely received from the Rehberg campaign, sent at your expense. Given that I received not one, but two of the glossy brochures touting Rehberg’s work on behalf of veterans, I decided to call the Congressman to ask him to take me off the list–because I want to do my part to solve the federal budget crisis. When I called I had the following conversation with a staffer named Brooks:

(If you think Congressman Rehberg shouldn’t waste your money with this self-aggrandizing, clumsy propaganda, you might want to call 1-888-232-2626 today, too.)

Brooks: Thanks for calling Congressman Denny Rehberg’s Office. How can I help you?

Me: I’d like to have my name removed from mailing lists that the Congressman uses to send mail to his constituents. I already know all about ‘his record’, and would like to help save federal dollars.

Brooks: You’ll need to talk to the campaign about that. They coordinate mailers.

Me: No, this came from his Congressional office.

Brooks: Can I put you on hold?

(five minute wait)

Brooks: Thanks for holding. Well, if you give me your name and address I can make sure that you don’t receive any more mailings about veteran issues.

Me: But you can’t stop all of them?

Brooks: No. They’re separate lists. Please call if you receive any more and we can take you off those lists.

Me:  So, you’re saying that the only way I can get taken off Rehberg’s mailing lists is to call after I receive a mailing that I don’t want, that wastes money, and will likely morph into another issue next year?

Brooks: Yes.

Washington thinking in action. Maybe it’s time to send someone to Washington who doesn’t think Congressional budgets are designed to bombard voters with political propaganda on the public’s dime.

Support Monica Lindeen today.

That toll free number for Rehberg’s office is 1-888-232-2626.

Update: Shane researches just how truthful the claims in the Rehberg mailings are.

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