Full Disclosure: The Civil War isn’t my favorite war

Apparently, there is some discussion among blog posters that the blogging community isn’t engaging in enough full disclosure.  So, I’d like to make this statement:

The Civil War isn’t my favorite war.

I know, I know, history teachers are supposed to be in love with the Civil War.  Even history teachers that can’t bring themselves to use the “C.W. term,” and instead use phrases like “The War of Northern Aggression” seem to have a love affair with that conflict.  I just can’t get into it.  I have colleagues that have walked the battlefields and read all the books and watched the Ken Burns series hundreds of times but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

War of the Austrian Succession?  Soooo interesting.  How could Charles VI not known that his plans to give the Holy Roman crown to Maria Theresa’s husband wouldn’t be enough to avoid conflict?

World War II?  Awesome.  The rise of Nazi Germany and the war afterwards is the subject of countless books I have enjoyed.

The Cold War?  Sign me up.

I can understand how one might be confused not knowing these facts that obviously cloud my world view.

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