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A letter home from Connie…

I was a student of political science in college and despite my outward appearance, I am no fool.  I get why incumbents have an advantage come election time and the Montana Senate race is no exception.  However, I think that Senator Burns is perhaps using that advantage a little too aggressively.

I was having dinner at my in-law’s house this evening and noticed a letter to my mother-in-law from Conrad Burns.  My in-laws are not Burns supporters and in jest, asked her if she had turned to the other side.  She said she didn’t know and told me to open it.

The letter starts this way…

“Knowing of your interest in the Rocky Mountain Front, I would like to take this opportunity to update you on my recent actions.”

Following that statement, there is a lengthy description of his actions to stop drilling on the front, including statements like “As Chairman of the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, I included language…” and other self-important crap.

Now, my mother-in-law does write to Burns (and others when she perceives it important to do so) but this letter doesn’t seem to be in response to a specific email or letter, but rather just an “update” on what Connie is up to.  At what point does this cross the line as more than just the friendly Senator speaking to his constituents into the territory as blind political advertising?

In a year where Burns is spending millions to blanket the media with his message, doesn’t use of the franking privilege seem a little excessive?

I don’t have ready access to a scanner right now but as soon as I do, I will scan this letter and you can judge for yourself.

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  • I too have heard from Burns – haven’t written to him in eight years at least. Such use of the franking privilege seems unethical, to say the least. But I expect no less from him.

  • I find it a bit annoying too, but it’s by no means unique to Burns. Just about every senator and congressman does it, especially during campaigns. Shoot, I get crap from Congressman Sabo all of the time and I’m not even registered in Minnesota yet. I still don’t know how they found me.

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