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Fox News on Attack Blogs

Another example of fair and balanced coverage on the FoxNews website tonight, as one of its reporters has discovered that “The vast Internet spaces known as political Web logs” are occasionally used to attack politicians. Seriously, with this kind of cutting edge coverage, it’s hard to understand why Fox News viewers know so little about the world.

The interesting thing about the piece, by Melissa Drosjack, is that, apparently, only liberal/left blogs attack people. Lifted right from the GOP talking point, Drosjack offers up this stunning display of mental gymnastics about Jon Tester:

Accusations have been made about Montana U.S. Senate candidate Jon Tester’s leanings because of support he received on the DailyKos site, which also has postings in support of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro

That passage? Journalism! I mean, lifting a GOP talking point and pawning it off as generic ‘accusations’, without attributing them? That’s news gold. And what the hell are Jon Tester’s leanings, anyway? The piece then descends into GOP talking point hell, not only failing to acknowledge that conservative blogs are often the most hateful corners of the Internet this side of, but repeats baseless attacks against Jon Tester and Bob Casey.

Drosjach does offer a little humor in the piece, though, which I appreciated:

A blog includes personal opinions and reflections posted on a Web site and usually offers readers the ability to comment on posted material. Anyone can add their opinion, regardless of how nutty or obnoxious it is.

Pot, kettle. Fox News condeming other people for nutty and obnoxious comments? I think I need a quick irony transfusion.




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