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Bush quietly guts the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division

If you’ll remember back to the ’04 election, among the issues that Kerry and others tried to focus on was the idea that putting Bush back in office doesn’t just mean more war and poorly thought out tax cuts, it means that government will take a more right-wing tone.

There is a lengthy article in yesterday’s Boston Globe that discusses how the Bush administration, after changing rules allowing for more political influence on hiring new lawyers, has changed the makeup of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.  Less and less of the new hires have any civil rights experience and more and more have a strong right-wing background, like membership in the Federalist Society.

Of course, the answer from the right is that if we hire lawyers with civil rights experience, they give the department too much of a left-wing feel.  If we take back the White House in 2008 it’s going to take quite some time to shake out all of the wackos from the federal departments.

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  • I don’t think that all the wackos ever get shaken out of the justice department. We’re going to need to hold the executive branch much longer than 8 years this time.

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