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Want to Cancel America Online? Good Luck

There was a time when the Internet meant one of the national providers like America Online or Compuserve for most customers, and almost everyone has a horror story about the experience. My personal story is a $200 bill for Compuserve one month while I was in college–something thatr definitely cut back on the important necessities of college life, like books and other academic pursuits.

I suspect many of us have had to try to cancel America Online one time or another–and if you have, this look at their corporate retention policy is sure to amuse, or bring back nightmares.

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  • My own experience with AOL was a nightmare. There is a woman in Great Falls who sued them and runs a website with the story.

    I don’t remember her name, or the name of the website-only the name of the business she was working for at the time of our conversation.

  • I think we are going to start sending out massive e-mails to people who have commented or visited here. Then, when they ask us to stop, we are going to go through the AOL customer service retention tree.

    “But don’t you want to keep getting this great value?”

    It will be lovely. 🙂

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