Your Elected Representatives: God Has Them on Speed Dial

A number of people have commented, correctly, I think, that gay marriage may not be an issue in this country in a generation, as younger Americans are less and less concerned about the issue.  I’ve been less satisifed with the patient approach, because I think that as a society we need to move forward quickly to deal with injustice, and to end the real consequences that a lack of equality means for gay and lesbian couples.

That, is, until this evening. Courtesy of ThinkProgress, it turns out that God spoke directly to some members of Congress to let them know that the Constitution has historically favored bigotry, and required that marriage be about the potential to procreate. I only hope that  Congress will taker action to end marriages between couples unable to produce children.

I, do, however, wonder, how these gentlemen became such experts on the Constitution–given that they never made it to the First Amendment in their readings of it.

Update: It’s worse than the video. These people are too ignorant to drive a car, much less be in Congress. I imagine that they have difficulty remembering what part is the ‘talky part’ when they pick up a telephone. From the New York Times:

The Democrats accused Republicans of raising the issue even as they ignored what the Democrats said were more pressing problems, including the war in Iraq, an expanding conflict in the Middle East, high gasoline prices and North Korean missile tests.

But Representative Jack Kingston, Republican of Georgia, said the marriage issue was “just as important and a top-tier issue as any of those.”

Another Georgia Republican, Representative Phil Gingrey, said support for traditional marriage “is perhaps the best message we can give to the Middle East and all the trouble they’re having over there right now.”

Is it just me, or is it awfully easy, when  watching the video, to imagine Mr. Gingery giving almost exactly the same speech thirty years ago about interracial marriages?

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