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Bush-created Department of Homeland Security? Line up the pork train!

I couldn’t agree more with the true fiscal Conservatives (of which I know of very few, even less that are in elective office) that the “show me the money” Congress is absolutely out of control.  Go to any airport in Montana and see how homeland security money was use to make our airports purdy or perhaps to your local parking lot to see how homeland security money purchase concrete dividers.

I am a little late reporting this article, but I ran into an article today in the Seattle Times about projects labeled as “critical” by our Department of Homeland Security, and thus, eligible for federal funny money.  This lists includes malls, casinos and eating establishments?

The problem is that this Republican Congress, which has absolutely no real issue to stand on anymore, is now down to simply buying voters.  You can see in our Senate rate…you can pick up a paper or click on the radio without hearing the Burns campaign (or heck, our message-repeating media) touting all the cash money Connie (our own “drunken sailor”) is bringing home.  We must tell his campaign that he can’t buy votes and then remind these people of this message when the attacks on Baucus start in 2008.

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