Want to get a crook to dance? Take away his cash…

Representative Carolyn Maloney has found an interesting way to get Donald Rumsfeld to get to work…threaten his pay.

From The Hill story

The congresswoman, who comes from a long line of family military service, is pressing the Pentagon to implement promptly an incident-reporting system that would help track sexual-assault problems in the military.

The Department of Defense has had 18 years to implement the Defense Incident-Based Reporting System (DIBRS).  Pentagon officials say it will be fully functional next summer.

That is not good enough for Maloney, who with fellow Democrat Chris Van Hollen (Md.)  Recently introduced a free-standing bill to force the Pentagon to implement the system by Jan. 1.

In the bill, Maloney and Van Hollen take the drastic measure of deducting $1,000 from the secretary of defense’s pay for each day the system is overdue after Jan. 1.

I have my doubts it will work but if it does, perhaps we could try this with others, like Dick Cheney (though we might need to adjust the money upwards for Dick).

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