Read The One Percent Doctrine


I will throw together a more thorough review later, but I highly recommend Ron Suskind’s The One Percent Doctrine. It’s an amazing look at the Bush Administration’s willingness to sacrifice truth for the sake of war, as well as they way that intelligence was manipulated and shaped by the inner core of the Bush team. In the context of attacks on the New York Times for its publication of the SWIFT information, one passage was particulary telling:

It’s just that, in the closing months of 2003, we started to blind. The U.S. government, that is. The carefully constructed global network of signit and what can be called finint, or financial intelligence, started to go quiet. In short, Al Qaeda, and its affiliates and imitators, stopped leaving electronic footprints. It started slowly, but then became distinct and a clear, definable trend. They were going underground… Eventually, and not surprisingly, our opponents figured it out. It was a matter, really, of deduction. Enough people get caught and a view of which activities they had in common provides clues as to how they may have been identified and apprehended.

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