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  • Jason, your link is … besmirched, shall we say. However, since it obviously has to do with Crazy Joe, I refer to the previous post for an adequate description: juvenile.

    “What do you mean, you don’t want me to lead your club?????!!!one!? Okay, fine, I’ll start my own club! It’ll be different but the same, and better too! It’ll even have the same name, but a better name. Yeah, that’ll get you! You’ll be sorry!”

    I have no problem with third, fourth, or even seventh parties joining the fray. But if you’re going to accept the endorsement and effort of one political party, you can’t just take *their* ball and go home when they tell you that you’re not their candidate. He is insulting the votes of every Democrat in Conn. who has supported him to this point. The reason he’s going to lose this primary is because he doesn’t even understand that insult.

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