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Oh, No She Didn’t!


I caught the repeat of Meet the Press today…and after listening to the shameful way that Chuck Schumer said Democrats would roll over and allow the President to exclude the U.S. from the Geneva Convention, I had little hope. But Dana Priest saved the day. After listening to Bill Bennett bloviate about the arrogance of the press, Ms. Priest responded with this:

Well, it’s not a crime to publish classified information.  And this is one of the things Mr. Bennett keeps telling people that it is.  But, in fact, there are some narrow categories of information you can’t publish, certain signals, communications, intelligence, the names of covert operatives and nuclear secrets.
Now why isn’t it a crime?  I mean, some people would like to make casino gambling a crime, but it is not a crime. (bolded for the WRIM crowd)

From this point on, Bennett spent the rest of the segment crying about how he was being picked on and no one would listen to him, at one point, slamming his hands down on the table. It was beautiful, and I’ll give 2:1 odds that he won’t be back on the show soon.

Get it? Odds? 🙂

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