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Klindt Watch: Look out for the East Coast liberals!

Wow…we haven’t heard much for Jason Klindt in a while and suddenly he is back in the media again.  This time, the the Associated Press got ahold of him to comment on the proposed shield law for Montana broadcasters concerned about being held reponsible for the crappy ads they are forced to run.

Jason, of course, thinks this is swell because “Anything that prevents shadowy third-party groups funded by East Coast liberals from lying to Montanans would be good for us.”

The other avenue, of course, is to stop taking this blood money and actually call the candidates and their attack dogs on their ads.  It’s going to get heavy in this crap this year…

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  • Let’s wait until the financial records for this quarter are released, then we’ll talk about it. That is, if the Democrats decide to follow the law and file them on time.

  • Weren’t you the one to say you had insightful analysis, Eric? Why don’t you turn that LASER SHARP perceptive vision on the Burns records…I am sure a lot of that cash is coming from regular Montanans.

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