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New West targets Tester’s personality…

New West (what is New West, anyway…a blog?  a news site?) has an interesting article up on Tester’s personality and how it might influence this election

I have two thoughts:

  1. I am tired of hearing from Craig Wilson, who seems like he is the pundit of choice in Montana political writing.  I was stunned by his analysis of the Tester-Burns debate that appeared in The Hill that Burns helped himself when he used the word “liberal” in the debate several times.  Good….encourage more name calling in this election.
  2. I think there is something to be said for Tester’s personality in this debate.  I have met Tester twice and although I am sure that those meetings probably didn’t stick in Tester’s mind, they left quite an impression on me.  He struck me as smart, well-spoken, honest and most of all, real.  I was an adult voter the last two times Burns was reelected (94 and 2000) and although I was certainly supporting his opponents, I am not nearly as excited of the prospect of new blood than I am in this election.  And…that 2000 election featured the introduction of Brian Schweitzer to the political scene.  There is an energy among many of my fellow Democrats that I haven’t seen in quite some time.  People are rising up WITH Jon Tester, not just AGAINST Conrad Burns.  Will that matter?  I hope so.

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