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George Ochenski on Tester vs. Burns: he nails it…

Unlike other journalistic venues, the Missoula Independent’s George Ochensky nails it: there is dirty politics going on and (shocking, I know!) it’s Conrad Burns campaign that is throwing the mud.  Ochenski’s column is worth the read but this sums up the recent event concerning the NRSC “hair cut” ads:

Because the national Repubs didn’t do their
homework, “backfire” best describes the reaction to their ad so far.
For one thing, it really ticked off Tester’s barber, who is featured in
a new TV ad refuting the Republican slur.

In a Great Falls Tribune
article, Bill Graves, who has been a barber for 40 of his 70 years,
said: “I was fairly mad when that ad came out. The guy in the ad isn’t
a barber. He’s an actor and he’s never touched Jon Tester’s hair.”
Graves, who has been cutting Tester’s hair for the last 15 years, went
right after the phony Repub rap on Tester’s tipping, too. Tester does
tip, Graves told the Tribune’s reporter. “He’s very generous.”

Given the latest polls showing
Tester beating Burns, perhaps it should come as no surprise that
national Republicans would stoop to such tactics so early in the race.
After all, considering what we’ve seen in the way of dirty tricks and
dubious election-day manipulations from the Republicans in recent
years, inaccurately trashing Tester for not tipping his barber seems
like small potatoes—and it would be in D.C.

But not in Montana.

I don’t know if Ochenski is right or not but I really hope he is.

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  • Burns and his GOP thugs are desperate and are resorting to smear tactics. That might work in a national election, but it isn’t going to work in Montana against a very strong candidate. I predict that Tester will win going away. The polls show him up 3-5% right now, but I believe he’ll win by ten.

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