Wanted: Giant Steps to Solve Global Warming

While Montana's Secretary of State is busy mocking our Governor for his vision of our energy future, others think it's going to take a lot more than french fry oil running your VW microbus.

In an insightful essay in the New Statesman, Elizabath Kolbert argues that it is going to take dramatic changes to put us in the right direction on the question of global warming.  While I know our little recycling bins help, she says that larger changes are required:

Life in the United States, more than just about anywhere else save
perhaps some of the oil-producing Gulf states, depends on cheap and
plentiful energy. This is a fact of American culture and also of the
American economy. Really addressing the problem of climate change will
require many small-scale adjustments (no more heated towel racks) and
also a great many more substantial ones: changes in energy consumption,
energy production, patterns of land use, transportation systems,
international relations. Rather than assume that Americans haven't done
anything about global warming because they are sceptical about the
threat, one could just as plausibly argue that they are sceptical about
the threat because they don't want to do anything.

While I sometimes, too, wonder about our Governor's energy proposals, what I cannot fault him for is his Roosevelt-like attitude of "above all, try something."  It is obvious, though, that we have some very big changes that need to be made if we are going to stop our mad dash towards serious trouble, big changes will need to be made now.

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