The Tribune says…”please don’t be negative!”

In what has become a traditional ritual in political journalism, the Great Falls Tribune has asked candidates to keep it positive during this year's election contests.

What I always find ironic about these editorial pleas is the unwillingness to call out the actual candidates on the tactics that they use.  I think it becomes confusing to voters when a candidate complains about the negative campaigning and out-of-state influence while themselves rolling around in those same funds and standing idle while their like-minded attack dogs push the campaign in an ever-negative tone.  Isn't he answer here to actually call the candidates and ask them to defend their political tactics?

For example, the Tribune begs that "And if there's to be criticism of opposing candidates, let it at least come from the mouths of the candidates themselves, not from surrogates, underlings or party organizations."  I guess my logical next step is to call the Burns campaign and then his surrogates and ask them to defend the tactics.  Sure, you are likely to get a Jason Kilndt line about those wacky Jane-Fonda-liberals, but at least you have a record of the pattern of blowing smoke.

You have the power, media…use it!

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