One mouth, two sides…

Attention Jason Klindt and the Burns press machine:

Here is the problem.  You can’t complain about the attack campaign of Tester while at the same time letting your “East coast” thugs in to do your dirty work.

Yesterday’s Gazette demonstrations the problem.  While covering the Montana Republican Party convention, Conrad again complained that the campaign would be dirty and then complained that those pesky “East coast liberals” would be running the show if we don’t sent him back.

Here is my problem.  He again warns the Republican faithful that it is going to be negative.  “”It has to be negative to sell newspapers,” Burns tells the crowd.  Now, let’s ignore that this story, full of the same vile crap that he pushes election after election made it to the front page (irony, anyone?) but this seems to assume that all of the accusations concerning the house-that-Jack-built are the only negative attacks in the campaign while Burns is clean.

I’ll say it right now: put your campaign where your mouth is, Senator Burns.  Call off the out-of-state ads.  Come clean.  Promise that neither you or the machine will go negative and hold your friends to it.

And here is a message to Montana journalists: the next time you sit Connie down, ask him how he can complain about the negative campaigning when his side has the nerve to run ads like the Tester haircut ads?

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  • Let’s go over recent history. In the 2004, the Democrats flooded the mailboxes with attack pieces, and the phones with illegal pre-recorded calls.

    When I asked a couple of candidates (Lynda Moss & Robyn Driscoll) their response was that they DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT…and therefore were not responsible.

    I say turnabout is fair play.

  • I don’t know about that situation, although you have given me every reason to believe that you believe things happen that don’t. If that’s the complete story, that would be as wrong.

    I am talking about this situation. Burns has absolutely nothing to stand on by his D.C. pimp money and his thug friends attacking from the coast that he claims that he is against.

  • It happened, because after I pulled the attack ads out of my mailbox, the Saturday before the election, I called up the GOP candidates so they could come pick them up.

    Maybe when I put up on my blog that Jon Tester never saw a tax he didn’t like, and put up the actual bills, and how he voted on them, that it’s somehow a lie?

    The commercial is correct, Conservative haircut, liberal values.

  • Okay Eric: back your claim… “In the 2004, the Democrats flooded the mailboxes with attack pieces, and the phones with illegal pre-recorded calls.” Typical attack…

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