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How is this an issues-based campaign?

How can the dirtiest Senator in Congress district the voters from his cash-for-votes scheme?  Go negative early and often.

I have been away from civilization for over a week now and maybe this is old news, but I guess I wouldn't have guessed that the machine would have this bad of ad this early in the race.

My dad (Happy Father's Day, pop) had told me that the new anti-Tester ads were bad and dominate in Great Falls media market.  Burns, of course, isn't fronting the ads but the big money National Republican Senatorial Committee is coming in (how is that not East coast money, Connie?) with their new insights about Jon's haircut.  The radio ad is certainly the better of the two:

"When you cut hair, you hear a lot
of things. Other day this fella comes in and tells me he needs a
trim on his flat top haircut because he's running for US Senate.
Guess he wants that conservative Montana look. Tells me his name
is Jon Tester. That's when the guy in the next chair puts in his
two cents. Says Tester sides with trial lawyers. And even though
Tester's a farmer, a Montana farm group graded him at just fifty
percent. (ASIDE) Almost dropped my clippers on that one. But when
I heard Tester broke the law raising campaign money, I stopped right
there. I told him, friend, a good haircut can hide a lot of things,
but you're gonna need a lot more hair to cover up all that. He didn't
say much else. Didn't leave a tip, either." Announcer:
"Jon Tester. Conservative haircut. Liberal values. Paid for
by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and not authorized
by any candidate or candidate's committee. The National Republican
Senatorial Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.
www dot nrsc dot org."

Let's ignore that this
is fake and not the artisan that cuts Tester's hair.  How on earth is this an issues-based campaign?  The answer is that it's not.  Here is what you can look forward from Connie's camp: tons of ads from his campaign that talk about all the money he's bringing in as the appropriations pimp and big-money groups like the NRSC to come in run crap like this.

I know I am stating the what I think is obvious here, but if Burns really had something to stand on, this wouldn't be necessary.

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  • Maybe it’s time to start laughing.

    I told Jon that they would just make up lies about him, but I never dreamed they would be so incredibly lame.

    Now that we have recovered from the shock of Connie’s clueless response to Tester’s election, maybe we should lighten up a bit.

    It’s been proven to be a lie and they are still running their lame commercials and we still run ours. That almost seems as if we are letting them call the shots when we should be publicly ridiculing them and their very small albeit meanspirited ideas and values.

    Make fun of them; they hates that more than anything.

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