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On the Road Again…


I'm off, for a nine day road trip to Dallas and back, with four high school debaters headed to the National tournament. Oh, and for a Padres-Rangers game.

Posting might be light or heavy, depending on the quality of rounds and access to wireless. 

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  • Good luck to y’all. Making it to nats is a lot of fun in its own right and I’m sure the experience will be fun, even though it’s in Dallas. And baseball is fun to watch, even though it’s the Padres and the Rangers.

    Man, Texas, so big but so … I don’t know…Texas.

  • Pogie,

    I’ll be there in Dallas from NJ; but if you go to the website, you’ll see some pics from my Montana experience last summer.

    My student’s in Congress.


  • Hope you’re all having a good time and good rounds. I always felt lucky that the nats I went to was in San Jose–I’m pretty sure the next year was in Fargo or something. I also JUST threw away my 1990 nats t-shirt when cleaning out for the move two weeks ago. ‘Cuz I really needed to have that around for 16 years…

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