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A Suggestion to the Lindeen Campaign

This is not much of a stand on the estate tax:

Lindeen called the matter "a complex issue,"saying that, "any changes we make, we must ensure that our Montana families are taken care of."

Boldness. Decisiveness. Action.  Those things defeat incumbents. 

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  • To be fair to Lindeen, the debate she pretty much said that the ueber wealthy need to pay what they can to help pay for the war and the deficit. But again, her language wasn’t strong.

    I felt like Lindeen could be more aggressive. And why not? What does she have to lose?

  • Why are Montana Democrats so afraid of the estate tax? I’d like to see just one of them stand up and say, “This tax has absolutely no effect on Montana’s farmers and small businesses, the President and his war are driving a massive deficit, and this fair tax – which only affects the wealthiest families in the country should not be changed”.

    If Monica says something to this effect, I’ll give her money.

  • I think either they are afraid that they have, once again, been outmaneuvered by the right, with their “death tax”, or they really believe it.

    Either way is pretty unfortunate.

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