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Burns: Abramoff More Important Than Security


The Helena IR is reporting today that Senator Burns voted against expanding federal control of immigration policies in the Northern Marianas Islands–and that the lack of federal oversight

So, why did Mr. "Tough on Immigrants" fail to support the measure to increase oversight, one year after supporting the measure? Jack Abramoff. Once again, the Senator’s rhetoric–about being tough on immigration and tough on terrorism is demonstrated to be just that-rhetoric. For the sake of a pittance, really, Senator Burns betrayed his own values, and certainly wasn’t looking out for Montana.

His defense? This is the kind of leadership that Burns is bringing to the Senate:

Burns initially said the vote happened so long ago, he couldn’t remember why he voted as he did. Later, Burns said he voted against the bill after reading government reports that showed expanding federal immigration control would hurt the islands’ economy, which depends, in part, on non-citizen garment workers.

Read more at The Burns Record.

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  • Burns, my hero. Okay, maybe that is a stretch. It really is time to get rid of him! Hopefully the people that go to the polls agree!

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