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The Iraq War: We Need More Cheerleading!

It’s just not easy to make conservatives happy about the media, and I for one, would like to do my part to make them feel better.

It seems that conservatives are angry that journalists in Iraq are not going out into the country more, suggesting they are cowards for reporting from the Green Zone.

America’s sweetheart, Laura Ingraham, criticized the media for its cowardice on the Today Show, and other conservative talk show hosts offered a "Truth Tour" to cover the good new from the war back in July, in part, they said, because the mainstream media wasn’t leaving Baghdad enough–tainting their coverage.

All of this ignores the fact that the situation in Iraq is really dangerous:

The Iraq war is now considered by some to be the most dangerous in modern history for journalists, with 71 journalists and 26 support staffers killed, more than in Vietnam, Korea or World War II. Iraq is, without a doubt, an extraordinarily dangerous place. And particularly in light of what has happened to journalists in this war, one can’t help but note that Ingraham decided her eight-day Iraq tour qualified her to judge journalists who risked their lives for long periods covering the conflict. Kimberly Dozier has just had shrapnel removed from her head. Paul Douglas and James Brolan are dead. And they are just three of many.

But, now, after criticizing the media for not doing enough reporting in the field, it seems that the conservatives think too much reporting is happening. It turns out that reporting about potential war crimes at Haditha is liberal hand-wringing, self-loathing, a festival of guilt, inflammatory and dangerous, and, of course, treacherous.

In keeping with the demands of the conservatives, I think Americans should see both more positive stories from Iraq of American success and reports from the field. In that spirit, I’d like to offer some pictures from the recently cleared, succesful American attack on a home in Ishaqi, Iraq.

Below the fold, if you have a strong stomach, take a look at what American success in Iraq currently means. Every American should see these pictures, which strangely, haven’t made it into mainstream news coverage of the war–surely a plot by the liberal media to keep us from feeling patriotic pride for what Bush’s war is doing for the Iraqi and American people.

More here.

The conservative critics are absolutely right. The truth demands more coverage of these American ‘success stories’ in the War on Terror.

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