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Klindwatch: More of the Same


No doubt heeding my call for new material, the Burns campaign revised their classic Yaak to Alzada with this gem:

Burns spokeswoman Sarah Pompei predicted that much more money will flow into the race after the primary.

"The spigot is about to open, and liberal money is going to pour into whoever wins their primary," she said. "We have wide and deep support from Dillon to Scobey, and we will continue to raise the funds necessary to compete with the deluge that is coming."

Lee Newspapers: Letting GOP Spin Go Unchallenged Over and Over.

To repeat…

In the 2000 cycle,

Burns received 43% of his campaign money from PACS, 33.4% from large donations. 89% of his PAC money was from Business. His top geographic areas was Washington, D.C.

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